This page gives you an idea of Fabienne’s menu and prices.

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Fabienne works with you to prepare a bespoke menu that takes your budget into consideration.

All food used is kosher and prepared in a kosher environment. Please read more about Fabienne’s kosher credentials.


Amazing Savoury Tarts

Fabienne’s amazing savoury tarts come in two sizes, to serve 8, or 12 people.

Amazing Savoury Tarts Serves 8 Serves 12
Asparagus and caramelised onions £30.00 £35.00
Butternut squash and pesto sauce £30.00 £35.00
Roasted vegetables £30.00 £35.00
Spinach, mushrooms, cheddar on puff pastry £30.00 £35.00
Leek and emmenthal cheese £30.00 £35.00
Peppers and caramelised onions £30.00 £35.00


Tunisian Specialities

Do you want to serve something different, why not try…

Sephardi and Tunisian Specialities Price Per Portion
Tunisian soup with broad beans, coriander, parsley, onions, tomatoes £5
Couscous with beef or chicken and vegetables £16
Fish couscous (couscous with vegetables, fish, and spicy fish balls) £18
Adafina Tunisian with beef, barley, eggs, potato, cooked in a harissa sauce or

Adafina Moroccan with beef, chick peas, eggs, potato and sweet potato

Beef stew with okra and cumin sauce served with couscous, or with spinach, beef and beans £16
Pkeila, Beef stew with spinach and broad beans served with couscous £16
Kemia (Tunisian tapas salads: carrots with harissa, spicy courgettes with nuts, potatoes with cumin, mermouma (cooked pepper and tomato salad), etc… minimum for 6 people selection on demand £5
Boulettes (spicy herbs and chicken or meat meat balls wrapped in vegetables) £3.5 each
Briques (Tunisian samosas with beef or chicken, or potatoes) £3 each
Chicken balls in turmeric sauce 3 balls per portion £7
Salmon fish khleimi with harissa sauce and spicies fillet £8
Oriental pasta bake with chicken and egg (minimum 6 people) £6
Vegetarian spicy (or not) vegetables and chickpeas dish £12


 Delicious Soup

Delicious Soup (vegetables in season) Price Per Portion
Broccoli, potato and leek £5
Butternut squash £5
Chicken soup with kneidlach and lokshen £5



Salads (a portion is a very generous amount I promise!) Price Per Portion
Butternut squash with spinach, roasted artichokes, beetroot, tahini sauce £5
Chinese salad, mange tout, grated carrots, mushrooms, noodles, bean sprouts, asparagus £5
Mooli radish with edemame, radishes, black sesame, soy and sesame oil dressing, add almonds +£0.50/p £5
Corn and pop corn salad with tomato and peppers, honey and mustard dressing £5
Broccoli with caramelised onions and cashew nuts balsamic dressing £5
Crunchy red cabbage, lettuce, sweet corn, tomato, pepper, caramelised almonds in a sweet and spicy tomato dressing £5
Fennel, apple and pomegranate, lemon and olive oil dressing £5
Broad beans, cracked bulgur, green leaves, tomato and harissa dressing £5
Aubergine salad with roasted aubergine and caviar of aubergine, caramelised onions with tahini or mayonnaise £5
Sabich salad (half an aubergine roasted, with tahini, harissa, egg and amba) £6
Israeli salad with cucumber, tomato, peppers, white cabbage and carrots, grated cut in very small cubes, olive oil and lemon dressing £5
Red rice, green beans and broccoli pan fried with garlic £5


Main Courses

Main Courses (minimum order 6 people) Price Per Portion
Chicken chasseur with a rich tomato sauce £10
Chinese duck pancakes one whole duck with sauce, pancakes, cucumbers and onions for 6/8 people £95
Chicken schnitzel in corn flakes or panko bread crumbs £7
Baked sea bass per fillet or fish khleimi (harissa sauce) £10
Shawarma or honey and mustard shoulder of lamb £18
Chicken shawarma £14
Oriental meat balls in rich tomato sauce (3 meat balls/p) £12
Salt beef £12
Fried fish (plaice, haddock, salmon, etc…) goujons three large pieces per portion £12
Roasted chicken (one chicken for four people), simple, peanut butter sauce, honey and paprika sauce, preserved lemon and olives, mustard sauce, fig sauce, teriyaki etc… £10/£12
Moroccan tagine of lamb with sweet tomatoes, courgette, olives, and a touch of preserved lemon £16
Salmon, simply dressed or teriyaki sauce or harissa (khleimi) /portion £10


Side Dishes

Side Dishes Price Per Portion
French ratatouille £5
Mediterranean roasted vegetables £5
Oriental rice (with onions, carrots, raisins, cashew nuts) £6
Rice with caramelised onions and spinach £5
Potato kugel £4
Roasted honey parsnip £5
Vegetable kugel, carrots, courgettes, potatoes, £5
Simply delicious roasted potatoes £4


Heavenly Chocolate and Fruit Deserts.50

Heavenly Chocolate and Fruit Desserts Quantity Price
Apple and pear crumble 8 people £30.00
Red fruits crumble 8 people £30.00
Carrot cake (with cream cheese +£5) 8 people £35.00
Cheese cake 8 people £35.00
Chocolate cake fondant 8 people £25.00
Chocolate marble cake 8 people £25.00
Chocolate mousse 8 people £35.00
Dried or fresh fruits salad per person £5
French apple tart 8 people £30.00
Seasonal fruits cake with crumble topping 8 people £32.00
Lemon meringue tart 8 people £30.00
Mini meringues 50 pieces £12.00
Meringue cake pavlova with cream or ice cream and seasonal fruits 8 people £30
Vanilla or chocolate sponge cake 8 people £25.00


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